Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wargames Foundry Amazons

Taking advantage of their free postage deal over Easter I have taken delivery of three packs of Foundry's new Amazons for Tribes of Legend.

I have to say that my expectations were quite low but I was surprised at how much I like these figures.  Size wise they work perfectly with the older Foundry Argonauts and the proportions are nice as well.  Above all they have attractive faces, which an awful lot of manufacturers (Games Workshop, Pulp Figures) have trouble with on female figures.

Oddly, they have all come packed with GW-style round slotta bases, although the bases of the figures don't have the relevant shape to fit them.  I mount my skirmish figures on washers and the metal bases of a couple were so small I had to add some tomato puree tube metal for them to stand on.

These figures are to represent the women of Lemnos and their Thracian look (given the proximity of the Thracian coast to the island) works perfectly for this.  I got a pack of Peltasts (above), a pack of slingers and some women with javelins.

Very pleased with these and they will be fast-tracked.

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