Friday, 5 October 2012

A new book on Jason and the Argonauts...from Osprey!

I haven’t forgotten about Jason and the Argonauts and, indeed, only this week I bought the magnificent book: Ray Harryhausen  Master of the Majicks Volume 3: The British Films on special offer (reduced from £200 to a comparatively bargain £125). The book, which is one of the most beautiful I have ever bought, has a long (nearly sixty large format pages) chapter inside on the making of the Jason and the Argonauts film which is full of useful picture reference. 

The pages are too large for my scanner!

Volume 2 featured his earlier, American,  mainly SF, films and is now selling for up to $1200 a copy so £125 doesn’t seem too bad for a book with such spectacular pictures. Apparently when Harryhausen was shown the book even he hadn’t seen many of the behind the scenes photos. 

More Jason news is that Osprey, of all people, are launching a range of books looking at myths and legends and the first one, due out in March 2013, is on Jason and the Argonauts.  From the point of view of this blog another one in the series will look at Hercules.  The other four titles announced will be on dragonslayers, King Arthur, the war of Horus and Set and Thor.  

I am painting a 24 figure unit of Prussians at present and am looking for a small unit to paint before my next big one, so something relating to the Argonauts could well be on the cards, as I have a number of figures under way.  It’s probably a toss-up between some more Argonauts and some Amazons.