Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Foundry changes its Amazons

I bought a number of Foundry's Amazons when they first came out for my Argonauts project.  They weren't wearing a lot of clothes and had Pylos helmets and hoplon shields which wouldn't have been right for the Bronze Age period but then again my Foundry Argonauts are very Classical in the Ray Harryhausen Jason and the Argonauts film style.  I had actually started converting the Pylos helmets to boars' teeth ones.

New Bronze Age Amazon (left) with old Amazon (right)

However, when I looked at the Foundry website the other day I noticed that the previous Amazons had disappeared and been replaced with much more Bronze Age styled figures.  Excellent!  I ordered some straight away.  They have fringed skirts and boars' tusk helmets.  However, what has happened to the old Amazons? I was going to get some of the chariot borne figures (who did have a Bronze Age look) and the cavalry but they have all gone from the website.

A mystery.


  1. Ave Legatus Hedlius,

    This was one of the worst choices they could have made! Since these are fantasy figures, why change them? Are they saying that there is something wrong with the female form? Their earlier figures while nude were not tasteless anymore than the nude warriors of Britannia, Gaul or Germania. Have you looked at the Amazons from Eureka?
    Gerardus Magnus

    "You can call me 'Magnus' !"

  2. Those aren't new actually. They've been around since at least the summer. They are not showing the entire range though. Look to ebay...

  3. I have just bought them and splendid they look too. I was also surprised to see how reasonably priced the big monsters are, so bought some too.

  4. Foundry have just told me all the other figures are still available they just haven't got them up on the website yet.