Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Salute 2013

It had sort of passed me by that this year's Salute is going to have a Jason and the Argonauts theme, although, in reality, that just means that the South London Warlords will be running a themed game.  Nevertheless, they will have the author of the new Osprey, Neil Smith, on their stand.

I notice that they seem to have changed the cover for the book since I first noted it here.  I think I preferred the original, however, of the Argo.  The artist for the book, however, is the very talented young Spanish painter Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña and it will be interesting to see what he brings to the Bronze Age World.

His almost Frazettaesque illustration for the cover of Jason and the Argonauts gives us a a properly archaic Jason and an enticing Medea.  His dark ages and medieval work is simply excellent so I am hopeful that the illustrations could be very fine indeed.

Battle of Assandun 1016

Osprey have now listed the contents of Jason which look interesting:

The Man with One Sandal
Narrative: Jason and his Mission
Sources for Jason
Greek Mythology: Its purpose and relevance
The Gods: Who were they and what did they do?
The Voyage Out
Preparations: Greek Ships and Jason’s Crew
Narrative: Lemnos
Narrative: The Doliones: “real” fighting, Greek arms and armour
Narrative: The Harpies
Narrative: Clashing Rocks Colchis
Narrative: Jason’s 3 Tasks & the Golden Fleece
Jason & Medea
The Voyage Back
Narrative: Sirens
Narrative: Talos
Narrative: Jason’s Arrival
Jason’s Demise
Narrative: Jason’s Betrayal: Euripides’ Medea
Jason’s Legacy
Jason in Books & Movies

I just need to get some more Argonauts done!

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  1. I saw the TMP announcement; your post has more details! :) Best, Dean