Monday, 25 May 2015

The Hydra Part 1

I have decided to get on with the Hydra, which will guard the Golden Fleece for the Argonauts project, which has just been given a boost with the interest of a fellow wargamer suggesting a joint project.  I undercoated it today and then had to find a suitable colour for its body.  I had a look at stills from Jason and the Argonauts (1963) as it is clear that the Wargames Foundry model is based on the Ray Harryhausen creation.

Having had a rummage through my paint boxes I discovered a paint that would be just the job: Humbrol 157, Azure Blue. I also use this colour quite a bit for blue clothing on Dark Ages and ancients figures when a muted blue is useful.  Next I need to find a colour for the front of the creature,  It's going to be quite fiddly to paint as I decided to assemble it first (well over a dozen pieces),  

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  1. I'm hoping to pick up the same model (along with a few more Argonauts) from Foundry at Broadside. Look forward to seeing yours painted up.